DAY 8 – They have Murphy’s?

WIND – E / NE 10-12 KNOTS

The marina in Brest

The marina in Brest

To acclimatise Kaan & Ahmet to the boat and to have the chance to leisurely put up full sails and to stretch her legs for the first time on the trip we had a leisure sail round the bay of Brest for a few hours and then in for the night at Cameret Sur Mer, a beautiful little old fishing port.

That last picture of the rotting fishing boats seems so poignant  and it’s lovely they’ve been left there, once upon a time such love and craftsmanship had gone into them, they were trusted, reliable tools and homes for many men and now laid to rest on the harbourside, a monument to a once thriving fishing industry here.

After a good couple of minutes feeling wistful and philosophical about that we found a great little bar that had Murphy’s Irish Stout so that became home for a little while 🙂 It’s so nice to be back in France, I have always loved France and the French (on the whole) and Cameret Sur Mer is a beautiful little port I’ll definitely add on the list to visit again one day.

So a relatively relaxing day to gather our strength for the start of the long Biscay / Atlantic coast stretch now, starting tomorrow with a good forecast (as far as any forecast can be accurate, we are hoping).

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  • Maggie Francis

    Brilliant Blog Kenze, soooooo glad you made it across BIscay, I can get up off my knees now!!!!
    xxxx Mum ant Tara, Max and Chrisxxx

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