DAY 31 – Time & Tide ….

…wait for no man, neither does work 🙁

I would love to be able to stay for the next part of the trip but a combination of time, the assholes in the Turkish government (are there any that aren’t?) and a dwindling bank account force my departure from this amazing adventure.

Seems like a lifetime ago when I first set foot on board back in Wales, no idea of the adventures to come, when we started this journey the log read less than 600 nautical miles, today it reads over 2400 nm. We have done nearly three times the mileage of the boat in just 1 month than it had done since it was first put in the water in 2003.

Over 1700 inshore and offshore miles in less than a month through some of the most notorious stretches of water in Europe, the bay of Biscay, Straits of Gibraltar,  Gulf of Cadiz. Journeys ranging from short 40 nm hops in bad weather to the 300 nm plus passage across Biscay, it’s been an amazing adventure and a big personal challenge and achievement both physically and emotionally. I hadn’t been serious sailing for a long time before this trip and have definitely found muscles I thought never existed 🙂

Perhaps one day I can finish off the trip but I’m proud to have made it this far and now have to resort to buses and planes to get home and back to work and reality.

Thank you Steve, thank you Nemesis and most of all, thank you to the two amazing people without who’s help I wouldn’t have been able to take a month off to do this trip, the best Mum in the world for all the help and support,  thanks Mum, and Aysun, the kindest soul I’ve ever met, you’re both so special to me, thank you.


Giving Nemesis her final clean (from me at least) can’t have the new crew seeing all the blood from the old crew …..

Some pics from my final stop, Torrevieja marina, Spain

20160619_214324_HDR 20160619_215122 Giving her a last clean, getting rid of blood evidence from the last crew is tough! A little wake board cable park beside the marina 20160619_141734 20160619_141727


And a few miscellaneous ones

IMG-20160612-WA0009 IMG-20160612-WA0013-1 IMG-20160612-WA0014


And the log book as it stood when I departed :-

Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6


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  • ahmet us

    Wish it was last much more. It’s not easy to gather a crew comply with each other. Evrey moment was a greatfull and memorable. Mack thanks for your company and friendship as well as creating this blog. I am curiously following for any update.

    • Mack

      Thanks Ahmet, I’ll never forget the trip and our adventures either, it was a real pleasure to meet you and hopefully we will meet again very soon 🙂

  • Mack

    Had a funny experience on the way back at passport control in Istanbul, the officer literally raised his eyebrows when he saw my LTRP (Long Term Residence Permit) and said he’d never seen one in real life before, he checked it wasn’t forged and got his mate to check it wasn’t forged too 🙂 Obviously they aren’t that common then!

  • Aysun

    Well done 🙂
    Thank you for the nice words. You are so special to us too 🙂 xx

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