Lavender Fields and Insuyu Cave

With a limited window to catch lavender in full bloom,  I paid a trip to the lavender fields near Isparta.

I had no idea there were any lavender fields in Turkey let alone on our doorstep and a few photography clubs were going up for the day so we decided to drive up and have our own photography day.

The fields were stunning, not huge but lots of small lavender fields interspersed with Rose fields and golden wheat.

We stopped for a picnic beside a wheat field when some locals started cutting and gathering the wheat and after a chat we were invited to help out and take some photos so that was a nice break and lovely people.

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On the way back we stopped at Insuyu cave, 5TL for tickets and no Museum Card accepted 🙁 It was a lovely break from the 35 degree temperatures to enter the cave and be welcomed by a cool breeze, it was almost nippy inside. The cave is supposed to have 2 large underwater lakes but during summer months the groundwater is used for irrigation of local farms so the lake caverns are empty, I’d like to go back in the winter and see the lakes full up.

Announcements about the history of the cave were given in Turkish and English and informed us to enjoy the solitude and silence and to just let the noise of the dripping water relax you……….right before blasting out horrible saz Muzak, why cant Turks realise that you dont need a feckin soundtrack everywhere you go?! Oh and it was a giggle to see the büyük göl sign half translated to büyük lake 🙂 büyük means big, in Turkish so why not big lake? 

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