Lykia Winery and Vineyards Tour – Elmali

Just as I had no idea there were lavender fields near Antalya I also had no idea there were local vineyards and winerys.

On a trip to Elmali I got to have a tour of the Lykia Winery and vineyards, the dogs came too and had a nice long walk among the grapevines, Hippie ate quite a bit of the potential wine!

The tour of the winery was fascinating and it turns out the wine produced there isnt for retail use but is made exclusively for hotels and restaurants and shipped all around the world.

After seeing a wall full of international awards I learnt that Lykia wines had also won the world best Pinot Noir, a title usually held by French producers.

The tour was free and the wine that personal visitors can buy was/is very very nice 🙂 Well worth a visit

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