Memories of Turkey – WRC Rally

In 2008 the WRC Rally came to Turkey and a wonderful mountain track near Kemer.

Rally isnt a huge sport in Turkey but it was pretty busy and being a sport I love I wanted to introduce my now ex-wife to world class rallying.

One thing I particularly remember is overhearing a conversation that was translated to me and left me breathless from laughing for a minute. After each car went past it was dusty, really really dusty and we all got covered in dust from the speeding cars, an old man and his son were seated close to us and the older man said “Why dont they water down the track to stop the dust?”. Bless him. In Turkey its common to see people hosing down the road in front of their house on hot days to damp down the dust!

Great memories from a great day won by Sebastien Loeb.


WRC-Rally-Turkey-2008-1 WRC-Rally-Turkey-2008-2 WRC-Rally-Turkey-2008-8 WRC-Rally-Turkey-2008-7 WRC-Rally-Turkey-2008-6 WRC-Rally-Turkey-2008-5 WRC-Rally-Turkey-2008-4 WRC-Rally-Turkey-2008-3 WRC-Rally-Turkey-2008-9 WRC-Rally-Turkey-2008-11 WRC-Rally-Turkey-2008-12 WRC-Rally-Turkey-2008-14 WRC-Rally-Turkey-2008-20 WRC-Rally-Turkey-2008-18 WRC-Rally-Turkey-2008-17 WRC-Rally-Turkey-2008-15


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