What a difference a year makes

So, what’s happened to me in the last 12 months?

  • My GF decided NOT to move to the UK with me as we had agreed and arranged, or divorce her estranged husband and ran back to him with a moments notice.
  • Arrested and jailed in Istanbul for a day
  • Diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer shortly after arriving back in the UK
  • Blood clots in the lungs caused by the tumour facilitating a huge metal filter inserted before surgery
  • Had major abdominal surgery to remove the tumour
  • 6 months of chemo for colorectal cancer
  • 2 months of trying to get back to normal
  • Further CT scan found the cancer had come back and was now in the peritoneum and incurable
  • Facing a prognosis of months, could be 3, could be 12, could be 24!
  • Started very aggressive 2 weekly chemo cycle that would floor a racehorse
  • Had just started another relationship with a lovely lady which, inevitably I suppose, came to end given the nature of the short/mid term prospects.
  • Now looking forward a nervous christmas again to see if the chemo is having any affect

And I’m still on the same dose of anti depressants as previously!!!!

So dear blog, forgive the absence, I will try and update here more often if only to memorialise the journey and be an aide memoire for my chemo addled brain.

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