Pedantic, organised and detail orientated at work, solitude loving, bordering on the anti-social dog owner/rescuer at home.

Community Assist

After experiencing the trials and bureaucracy of emigration I wanted to help others in the same situation and started antalyacentral.com, a community site to advise and discuss issues of life in Turkey for all English speakers in my area, Antalya.

Disillusioned Dog Rescuer

Its not the dogs that are disillusioned, well, it might be, but I meant me. Having worked for the RSPCA in their Exeter shelter in the UK and being involved with animal rescue charities wherever I have lived I try to make life a bit better for any disadvantaged or ill animals I come across.


Wanting to see what life is like in different countries and cultures I’ve lived and worked in various countries in Europe the US and Middle East, every day is an education.

Web Designer

I’m lucky to have a “portable” profession and in years of trading to have met and worked with wonderful clients/friends from many countries and cultures. Designing and making an effective business tool is a real passion and I enjoy technical and design challenges.

Things I care about

Nearly everything and almost always too much




What others think of me

Want to chat? Hire me? warn me of impending doom?