• Have you turned him off and on again?

    The Doctor wasn’t lying , he said I would feel “really shitty”, his words!

    My arrythmia was out of control, it had come on about a week after leaving ITU. My heart was beating erratically at 180-200bpm and nothing had been able to bring it under control.

    The crash cart and defibrulator were visible on the periphary […]

  • Pseudomixwhatnow?

    All I knew was that a specialist unit in Basingstoke were monitoring my case and attending (remotely) the meetings about the progress every week. I was told it was unlikely I would qualify for the “radical surgery” they performed as I didnt meet all the criteria. Then the 2nd round of chemo failed and the […]

  • Never alone

    Treating cancer can be a long and painful journey for the patient, in the case of terminal cancer it’s a never ending struggle but without the help and attention of a team of wonderful, knowledgeable, talented and caring individuals it would be a much harder journey.

    From family, loved ones, doctors, nurses and hospital staff, beating […]

  • What a difference a year makes

    So, what’s happened to me in the last 12 months?

    My GF decided NOT to move to the UK with me as we had agreed and arranged, or divorce her estranged husband and ran back to him with a moments notice.
    Arrested and jailed in Istanbul for a day
    Diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer […]

  • Choose Life Pt. 2

    ‘Choose life’. ‘Choose life’ was a well meaning slogan from a 1980’s anti-drug campaign and we used to add things to it, so I might say for example, choose… designer lingerie, in the vain hope of kicking some life back into a dead relationship.

    Choose handbags, choose high-heeled shoes, cashmere and silk, to make yourself feel […]

  • Dog poo, doctors and credit scores

    Well, settling back into UK life has its challenges. Of course after over 2 decades away with only occasional visits back then I expected some difficulty.

    Didn’t take long to organise the new driving licence, did it all online, new one arrived in 5 days they even took my photo from my passport application file, very […]

  • Catching the Midnight Express

    As if to say a final “Fuck off” Turkey had one more surprise up its sleeve for me as I tried to leave for the final time. To be┬álocked up in a Turkish jail for a day and a court appearance!

    And the day started so well, nice early check in for my final flight to […]

  • Memories of Turkey – Davraz Ski Resort

    As the days turn colder I fondly remember the many skiing trips to Davraz, a little ski resort about a 2.5 hour drive from Antalya, near Isparta.

    Although most years there is only good snow for a brief time I had some great trips there and had loads of fun, skiing, tubing, sledging and generally mucking […]